guided tours

A unique and unforgettable experience.

The guided tours of Salina Calcara lead the visitors to the mills, the photographic museum, the stables and the kiosk and allows them to walk through the salt-pans complex with the support of a guide who will give further information about its history and the ancient tradition of salt production. Salina Calcara is located along the route of birds that migrate towards Africa, so during the walks it is frequent to observe several species of birds – such as the flamingo, the great white heron and the rosy seagull – as well as numerous herbaceous species and shrubs growing in this area (for example: the Glasswort, the Malta mushroom and the Limonium).

The harvestof white gold.

At the end of August the salt harvesting process takes place: an exciting moment in which it is finally possible to collect the result of a natural long phenomenon consisting in the precious white gold coming from the tanks. The area is always open upon reservation.

Experience the tradition and discover the Salt-pans.

It is necessary to get lost into the colours and the history of an ancient tradition in order to fully understand the atmosphere of such a unique place.